Hello, my name is Brentley


Welcome to my blog! I’m Brentley, and I’m an iOS Engineer. Most of what I plan on writing about pertains to iOS development and the surrounding culture, including coding patterns, programming best practices, computer science, UI/UX, and Apple hardware and rumors. I also like to watch a lot of movies, and I’ve been known to dabble in some D&D and other RPGs, so I might sprinkle in some posts about those or other “off topic” subjects.

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a couple of years now, but being busy with other things, a lack of solid ideas of what to write about, and frankly a little bit of the impostor syndrome have prevented me from taking the first steps to making it happen. Then I watched a presentation by @ashfurrow that pushed me to finally just do it:

I fully agree with his opinion that blogging makes you a better developer and that it helps the community. I myself have benefited greatly from the work that other people put into their blogs and I wouldn’t mind passing that on myself. The key thing in his presentation that spoke to me though was when he said that you are uniquely qualified to write about something when you learn about it. In this profession that happens to be nearly every day, meaning ample opportunities to write.

The immediate future

WWDC is next week and I’ll be attending, which is a perfect opportunity to write about a bunch of new stuff I’ll be a learning. I’ll probably write a lot more over the next week or two than I normally would, mainly because of the firehose of information that we will be getting, but also to try to gain some traction behind this. If you are at WWDC and want to meet, just DM me @brentleyjones. Otherwise I’ll be back soon with some WWDC focused posts.