Let’s try this again


It’s been over 5 years since my last post on brentleyjones.com (which will soon redirect here, brentley.dev, as I’ve moved those posts over). I also only posted for the span of two weeks.

I have a couple theories on why my first blogging attempt failed so quickly, and why I haven’t tried again until now. My main theory is that I was expecting too much of myself, which lead to me not even trying. Besides for having lower expectations of myself now (😉), I’m also going to try to focus on short posts that heavily reference other works if they exist. For example, as a test run I wrote Using Homebrew on Apple Silicon (M1) Macs. So, hopefully this time works out better 😅.

Anyway, how about an update? In the last 5 years I’ve moved (but still in Minneapolis), had a couple kids (and foster kids), changed jobs numerous times (Target ➡️ Charles Schwab ➡️ Consulting ➡️ RedBrick Health ➡️ Target ➡️ Lyft), and started to focus on client tooling (build systems and developer tools) over app development. I still like TTRPGs (Pathfinder 2e is pretty neat) and TV/movies (❤️ The Magicians).

Since my job recently changed to officially focus on client tooling, I have a feeling the topic of my posts will revolve around that. So, if you like learning about Bazel, how the Swift build system works, or the various ways one can abuse Xcode, then check back later (or better yet, subscribe to the Atom Feed).